Ajahn Yong Kiat
Thai Massage Master

Ajahn Yong Kiat, Blind Thai Massage Master
Because Ajahn Yong Kiat is blind, he is relying on others to help him with his website and business. At the end of this page, you can check out my credentials to understand what authority and expertise I have to prepare this page for Ajahn Yong Kiat.
-Daniel Carr

Ajahn Yong Kiat is best described not by mere words, but by watching him work. You are encouraged to go to the "Videos" webpage to see for yourself. Only after watching his expertise will the following write up on his skill level make any sense.

Ajahn Yong Kiat worked for over 15 years as both a massage therapist and a "Kru"/instructor for Ajahn Pisit Benjamongkonwaree (he regularly taught the advanced course at Pist Massage, "Therapeutic Acupressure For Local Pain"...this is where I first met him in 2002).

Ajahn Pisit was famous for teaching the blind in Bangkok to become Thai Massage therapists. His school was considered the premiere Thai Massage school in Bangkok for over three decades. It was the school where many "farang"/foreigners studying Thai Massage would go to learn after exhausting all of the courses given at Wat Po, the most famous massage school in Thailand.

Ajahn Pisit
		        instructing the blind in Thai Massage
Ajahn Pisit was called upon by the Thailand government to restore Thai Massage to its rightful place within the Thai community as a respected form of traditional medicine. He was the top technical advisor during the "Thai Massage Revival Project" in 1985-1987. Between his advising roles for many associations of Traditional Thai Medicine and numerous TV appearances demonstrating Thai Massage, he was an icon of Thai Massage in Thailand.

Ajahn Pisit died in 2012. Shortly before he died, he called Ajahn Yong Kiat to his side and gave him some final instructions on how to carry forward his lineage of Thai Massage. Ajahn Yong Kiat is one of his most accomplished students, and this bedside last meeting was Ajahn Pisit's way of recognizing Ajahn Yong Kiat in that regard.

If you wish to check out my credentials, please go to my google maps reviews to read about my success in treating pain, none of which would have been possible without Ajahn Yong Kiat's expert instruction.
-Daniel Carr

To be continued...

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