Ajahn Yong Kiat will travel to your hotel or guesthouse to treat you. All that is required is that you compensate him for round trip motorcycle taxi fare in addition to the treatment fee.

Thai Massage instruction can be done now in the privacy of Ajahn Yong Kiat's own home in the Ramkhamhaeng district of Bangkok. He has designed a work area/surface in his massage room that maximizes the results of Thai Massage work which allows him to move with ease seemlessly through techniques while teaching you.

Please send an email to schedule: Email Appointment and include your local phone number. You will receive an response within 24 hours with instructions on how to proceed.

Ajahn Yong Kiat may be blind, but speaks English well. You should confirm on the phone with him personally to secure your appointment. It is helpful to let him speak to the hotel or guesthouse staff if he is traveling to you to avoid any confusion about time and place. He has done this many times before and can adapt quite easily to your situation.

Ajahn Yong Kiat lives in the Ramkhamhaeng district of Bangkok, so travel time to your hotel will vary depending traffic and time of day. Sometimes it will take longer than usual to travel across Bangkok when there is heavy traffic, so please be patient if he is late.

It may take a day or two to see Ajahn Yong Kiat. It is well worth the wait. However, if you need immediate service, we cannot always provide this for you. We will do our best to make sure you are treated in a timely fashion.

Therapeutic Thai Massage sessions can be either exclusively or a mix of:

  • Bangkok Style: stronger pressure, slower with longer holds on individual points, better for scar-tissue adhesion treatment
  • Chiang Mai Style: not quite as deep, more points and emphasis on Sen energy line opening

A typical full body Thai Massage is a two-plus hour treatment of bodywork that can be modified to extend to three hours to treat the entire body or be reduced to an hour to focus on an injured area.

If you have injuries, stronger techniques from the Bangkok Style will have to be incorporated at some point. It is not always pleasant, but quite rewarding.

If you intend to do more than one session, doing the Northern Style first will ease the overall experience of receiving the deep bodywork of the Bangkok Style in the following treatments.

If you have only time for one or a limited number of treatments during your stay in Bangkok, you should receive the Bangkok style of Thai Massage. This is the most effective style for treating chronic pain injuries.

You can look forward to upon arrival:

  • A brief interview regarding your general health and specific injuries.
  • One to three hours of the highest quality bodywork, the majority of it focused on opening up the energy lines of your specific injury.
  • Treatment to break up the scar tissue adhesions that are holding your injuries in place...this is the painful part of the treatment, but the most rewarding.
  • Gentle to aggressive stretching, depending on your individual needs.
  • If necessary, recommendations on further treatments and rehabilitation.

The first bodywork session is designed to start the healing of any structural injury that you may have at present safely. You will feel improvements in range of motion as well as a deep sense of relaxation in the injured area.

You also will most probably feel sore the day after, perhaps two. The soreness felt is your body beginning to heal itself. Healing and soreness go hand in hand. You can expect to make significant and positive progress in your condition with any of the above.

One of these sessions is regularly 1,000 baht/hour.

A two hour session is 2,000 baht, but will be discounted to 1,800 baht for the first session.

A three hour session is 3,000 baht, but will be discounted to 2,400 baht for the first session

At the end of your first session, Ajahn Yong Kiat will know much more about your body's individual needs. At that point, he can make specific suggestions as to what your best course of action may be with respect to additional bodywork.

You can send an email to Ajahn Yong Kiat's Webmaster if you are having trouble in scheduling the appointment. A confirmation will be sent back to you via email so everything is very clear with respect on how to proceed.

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