Massage Instruction

If you would like to study Thai Massage with Yong Kiat, this is possible with certain restrictions. The first is that you should have completed at least a 30 hour program at reputable institution in Thailand so you are familiar with Thai Massage and can do a basic routine.

Here is a list of reputable schools that will satisfy this requiremnt:

This list is not exhaustive, merely a suggestion of a number of the more established schools in Thailand. There are excellent teachers everywhere, and some of the more famous schools have substandard programs and/or teachers. The main idea is that you have hands on training in Thai Massage specifically before approaching Yong Kiat for instruction.

The first curriculum you will cover with Yong Kiat are the 30 stretches taught by Ajahn Pisit at his school (two of these stretches are featured on our Videos page). He will show you these stretches, variations upon these stretches and additional supplemental stretches to these 30. Any one who can master these 30 stretches and has the ability to open the Sen lines prior to administering these stretches is capable of providing an expert Thai Massage treatment.

You will receive a booklet detailing the stretches before the course begins. There is no filming of your sessions with Yong Kiat, so please don't ask to do this. You will have to rely on your notes from the session and the booklet for future reference.

After completing this first block of curriculum with Yong Kiat, you are encouraged to design your own program with him. Of course, he will have to approve your program: he has the final say of whether or not he will work with you on a particular area of Thai Massage. The process allows you to work with Yong Kiat on the areas of Thai Massage you are interested in.

Thai Massage instruction with Yong Kiat is priced at 4,500 baht for 3 hours. An advanced student will be able to complete the 30 stretches in the first session; a less advanced student will require two sessions. After this is completed, additional instruction is 1,500 baht/hour.

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