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Ajahn Yong Kiat is one of the premiere Thai Massage Therapists working in Bangkok today. A former Instructor/"Kru" at the famous Pisit Massage School for the Blind, his expertise in curing chronic pain and achieving a profound state of relaxation for a client is without equal.

Blind Thai Massage

The Blind Massage Therapists trained by Ajahn Pisit are considered to be some of the best in Bangkok. Ajahn Pisit taught the Blind for 3 decades in Bangkok, and Ajahn Yong Kiat is one of his finest and most accomplished former teachers and disciples. Having instructed hundreds of Thai Nationals, many of them blind, and visiting foreigners in the art of Thai Massage, Ajahn Yong Kiat's command of the many advanced routines and physical therapy from the Pisit School of Massage is unmatched for the relief and curing of chronic pain.

If you want the best Thai Massage that is available in Bangkok, you should schedule with Ajahn Yong Kiat today: 062 754 9933!

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