To confirm an appointment, you must call Yong Kiat:

062 754 9933

and include your local phone number. You will receive a response within 24 hours. Please speak slowly and clearly when leaving your message.

Yong Kiat is blind, but speaks English well. You will be speaking on the phone with him personally to confirm your appointment. It is helpful to let him speak to the hotel staff to avoid any confusion about time and place. He has done this many times before and can adapt quite easily to your situation.

Yong Kiat lives in the Ramkhamhaeng district of Bangkok. Travel time to your hotel will vary depending traffic and time of day. Sometimes it will take longer than usual to travel across Bangkok, so please be patient if he is late.

It is much easier for all parties concerned to travel to Yong Kiat's house in the Ramkhamhaeng district for treatment. His house is equipped for a comfortable Thai Massage and is near a shopping mall so others of your party can wait for you in comfort or shop if they like.

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